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Application for the measurement of load distribution under bridge bearings - "smart bridge"

The distribution can be determined of the load under bridge bearing, pillars or foundations with multiple sensors BBS 10_DS from IBJ Technology. Uneven load entry can detect but also subsequently through still attached directly with sensors built into the bearing plate in the concrete.
The applications range from the direct compressive stress measurement in the component to the measurement and monitoring of dynamic loads in real time.

With the sensors is the applied load directly and in real time. All changes can be transferred online via the Internet or satellite radio of the elite. The sensors are either injected directly into the building or subsequently attached to exposed to.
Construction elements such as pillars or bridges bearing may be easily monitored. The sensors are constantly active on or in the building. The simple design and small size allow the full application of all structures made of steel or concrete. All civil engineering works can be static loads and measure compressive stresses and small dynamic changes.
Associate multiple sensors in a matrix can be visualized using appropriate mathematical evaluation procedures distributed load differences.

The collapse of buildings is usually accompanied by a measurable change of stresses and distribution of the acting loads.

Depending on the risk of the buildings, the measurement can be done with a data sampler or as a permanent monitoring.

A low height of the sensors was elected to allow installation in boreholes for many different applications. The sensors are mounted into holes 1 inch in diameter.
Each sensor is identified with the encoding of sensor in the ROM clearly with an ID.

The monitoring of all possible sensibly - and structural parameters during the construction and operation of buildings is the basis for the State and safety analysis of the structure. On-line measuring method with the sensors from IBJ Technology force and load measurement, especially voltage measurements in concrete, are not to replace their meaningfulness and timeliness.

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